Principle Humidification

The clever solution for clean and economical air humidification.

» Sputnik « consists of:

  • Twin rail track, ceiling mounted
  • 1 to 6 self-propelled humidifiers
  • Stationery maintenance unit


The self-propelled humidifier travels along a defined track. A very flat fan of spray produced by a spraying disc is evenly distributed to the room. At the end of each turn, the humidifier’s tank is completely empty.

When required by a humidity sensor, the tank is refilled automatically with fresh water and the humidifier starts a new turn.


Basic Unit Features:

  • Programmable controller
  • Twin-rail track ceiling mounted
  • 1 to 6 self propelled humidifiers
  • A fully automatic maintenance unit


Technical Data:

  • Humidifying capacity
  • Voltage
  • Power consumption per humidifier
  • Sound level
  • Twin-rail track
  • Humidifier (water-filled)
5 to 30 L / h (1 to 6 Humidifiers)
220 V AC
60 Watt
70 dB
Aluminium 1 kg / m
5,8 kg