The AER-Fluidpac is the perfect solution (verses immersion baths) for contact-free, minimal and precise application of water or other chemicals for the treatment of textiles, non-wovens, and film/foil materials.

The newly developed rotor dampening system–FLUIDPAC from AER is characterized by its compactness and the integration of the supply lines to the rotor carrier. It has a new spray system, which difuses the liquid evenly via rotorplates onto the running web, and the monitoring system of the spraying process indicates any reduction of spray and/or rotor failure. The application amounts of liquids are individually and accurately adjustable and are automatically synchronized with the varying machine speed. Thus, the consumption of water or chemicals will be reduced.

If for example the textile web is sprayed with water, in contrast to the padding system(immersion baths), you will have the advantage of greatly reducing the drying time of the material, and thus save on energy cost. Overdried products or lack of residual moisture necessary for further processing of the goods can be rehumidified and will also reduce static electricity.


Principle of Operation

The Fluidpac system is a contact-free spraying machine, that with the help of spray discs, also called rotors, apply a minimal amount of various liquid solutions onto running web materials. The rapidly rotating rotors are supplied with liquids, like water, with the help of a distribution system. When the water hits the rotors that rotate at high speed,a fine flat fan mist is sprayed onto the web form. Each disc controls a certain range of spraying that is prefixed with shutters. This ensures that the fans spray act in a contiguous way and apply the preset quantity of liquid evenly over the entire width.

Each rotor’s spray is monitored and controlled individually, ensuring a uniform spraying action. Aberrations of more than +/- 20% of the preset quantity will be detected and alerted during the spraying action.


Standard Features:

  • Supply unit is integrated in the rotor carrier
  • Alert notification if spray varies more than 20%
  • Programmable self guiding controller
  • Ergonomic waste pan for optimal cleaning


Special Features:

  • Additional options like dosage, suction, humidity gage etc. can be implemented to suit customers’ specific requirements
  • Interfaces are defined with the customer and adjusted accordingly



  • Spray capacity
  • Voltage
  • Power consumption
  • Spray width
20 – 3000 ml / m / min
220 V AC 50/60 Hz
1800 Watt
560 mm – 6000 mm